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Several years ago, I was honoured to receive a copy of a hand produced book which has the same title as shown above. This book is actually a photograph album. In it are the recollections and results of many years of research by Flt. Lt. J.H. Holloway, M.B.E., RAF (Retd). He began this work in 1957 and it was not until 1976 that he had most of the information needed to complete the book. Sadly he died in 1986 before his life's ambition had been completed.

2,945 copies of this album have been produced -- one for each of those known as "The Few".

Where the person had died, the album was passed to the nearest known living relative.

With the permission of the people who completed his work, I have created this web site with the intention that memory of "The Few" is kept alive.

The Book

I have attempted to duplicate the original page layout of the book as far as web design will allow, which means that for some of the pages you will need to scroll down a bit to see the page's content.

The book contains pages where the author had intended that the recipient could add their own personal information. These pages now contain the basic information about Peter McD. Hartas but my personal data is in a separate section within this web site.

The other pages on this site.

The Links page contains links to many other web sites that are dedicated to, or related in subject to the Battle of Britain.

The Research page contains suggested books and other media that I have found useful over the last few years and which I recommend to you if you want to delve further in the events of this era.

The Personal Pages contain some of my own research and photographs, which I have published here in the hope and desire that it will help others in their own research and understanding of the Battle of Britain.

A long term aim would be to expand this web site with information from other squadrons, so that others may find information relating to their ancestors too. If you know of anyone who has a copy of "The Few" with details of other squadrons in it, I would be grateful if I could borrow it for a brief period so that its information can be incorporated within this web site.

The Photo Gallery shows many pictures of Hurricanes and Spitfires taken by me at various stages of my research. Many Spitfires and Hurricanes still fly and so the photos are quite recent in most cases. Many are from the 'Flying Legends' airshow from Duxford 2004.

The Contact Us page gives details about how to contact me via e-mail.

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